The development of integrated technology of vehicle power generation system is to make the integration and test of pure electric power system and extended range power generation system can be carried out separately in the development process of EPV.

Advantages of Integrated Platform Technology as Follows:

    1) Modular design, universal hardware and software architecture; excellent system dynamic and static calibration and diagnostic capability (OBD).

    2) Compatible with different batteries with universal voltage platform for various applications.

    3) Allowing multiple power generation systems to be used in parallel and form a master-slave mode.

    4) Adaptive to low-temperature to  start, with battery overcharge  and high/ low temperature protection, without driver operation.

    5) Online calibration,  remote monitoring and parameter download; with high efficiency after-sales remote services.

Series development of the process can be adapted to different types of electric vehicle applications, for different characteristics of the demand for different configuration and parameter matching.