Dec. 2016, DSM hold outdoor development training activities
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In December 2016, DSM “Win in communication, win in execution” outdoor development training activities

At 8:00 a.m. on December 3, we packed up and took a bus to Taihu Xishan Cowboy Development Training Base. Outward bound training is a set of training process that shapes team vitality and promotes the growth of organization. It is a set of outdoor experiential simulation training specially designed to meet the needs of modern team building.

The coach in charge of our activity opened the curtain of development training with the slogan of "Together with one heart to create the future". Before the formal training, the coach completed the distribution of the three groups through their respective reports. Through the process of team building, the coach initially established the sense of honor of the team, established the Dream Team, the Wolves Team and Moved-Forward Team three PK team, through the team icebreaking let everyone quickly into the training state.

Experience the relationship between individuals and teams and how to learn from others through giant footwork projects; inspire projects: Experience team success is the foundation of individual success; personal success must be based on the joint efforts and support of other team members.

At 11:30 noon, experience the cowboy style lunch, and rest for a while.

Afternoon Infernal Track Project: Experience the role of individual positioning and team positioning for improving efficiency, how to do a good link between the preceding and the following, the importance of linking up between departments; Dragons Water Intake Project: experience the core clear, properly planned, thorough implementation, attention to details for the meaning of the team; Dragon Boat Competition Project: experience in the competition. Enhance the overall sense of honor of all students to enhance team cohesion; Graduation Wall Project: Experience in order to achieve the common goals of the team, and stimulate the team power to infect individuals, so that new people have a strong sense of team belonging and cohesion.