30KW Range Extended CN 6

1、30KW (Gasoline/Methanol) Range Extender  CN 6
30KW汽油、甲醇_英文.jpg2、Technical Advantages Instruction Link

30KW Range Extended System Cabin Component

  Appendix nameNumberWeight(kg)
30L-30kW Fuel   tank Assembly111.55
Electric fuel   pump Assembly10.727
Oil Filter   Assembly10.265
Tank GP-Fuel   Evaporative Pollutant Control10.46
Air Filter   Assembly11.432
Radiator with   electronic fan assembly16.431
Water   Reservoir Assembly10.142
Exhaust pipe front section with three-way catalytic converter   assembly

Exhaust Pipe   Sealing Ring10.019
Ring Seal10.005
Exhaust pipe   rear section with muffler assembly

PDA Controller10.111
GPRS Wireless   Terminal10.243

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